Medina College, Pagadian City is situated on a hilly slope along the national highway of Tuburan District, Pagadian City
which is about 2 kilometers away from the heart of the city and a kilometer away from the airport and neighboring subdivisions.

The college is well ventilated by cool sea breeze overlooking the scenic Yllana Bay. The place is surrounded by lush greenery
of coconut trees, rice fields and young growing trees.

The topography although sloping can provide a level area for playing field that could accommodate athletics, physical education
classes and students gatherings. The site is located away from sources of noise, odors and other forms of pollution. 

	The school is appropriately located where chances of possible disturbances coming from heavy population is nil. Recreation centers such
as movie houses, billiard halls and the likes are located few kilometers away. Places such as bus terminals, market, cemetery and dumping
sites of wastes, garbage and other are also of considerable distance.

	The area is wide enough to accommodate further expansion such as school buildings and other facilities for a growing population.
It is accessible and could be reached from as many points by different types of transportation facilities.